After the accident, I put a note on the door that said “No visitors”. Curled up in a foetal position and flooding with tears I didn’t realise what I needed and couldn’t face the outside world. In retrospect, I wish the crisis response team had torn that note to pieces and been more persistent – I was screaming for professional help.


Disaster preparedness

It is Tuesday morning at Jaren train station. A train has collided with a car and all emergency services are activated. The district authorities and local police have prepared this exercise for a long time. Today is the day. It is a large accident with many affected – a disaster reception centre is being established. A full-scale exercise of emergency preparedness is in action.


Military personnel

The body is tense, the artillery is pounding around them – then comes the deafening silence. 24 hours later they crawl out of the bunker and into a new day where abnormal is the new normal. The road from deployment back to life at home can be challenging. Knowledge about stress reactions and strategies for coping with them can ease the transition.

Photo: The Norwegian Armed Forces


Aid work abroad

49 refugees are found dead on a fishing boat off the coast of Libya. Arnhild is responsible for handling the bodies on the vessel Siem Pilot. She is working intensely – until everything just comes to a halt. “I entered a state of apathy. I was told I was done. Still, I was not allowed to lay down; we had to look each other in the eyes and say something…” Preparation and support can help give personnel working in disaster zones meaning rather than hopelessness.

Photo: Stig B. Hansen/Aftenposten


When terror strikes

“On Friday night, you stole the life of an exceptional being, the love of my life, the mother of my son, but you will not have my hate,” Antoine Leiris wrote after the terrorist attack in Paris 13th of November 2015. Terrorists attack to promote political, ideological or religious messages, by creating fear and chaos in the society. In the aftermath hatred and xenophobia may arise.

Photo: Joel Saget/AFP