is an educational resource developed by RVTS East, covering five main topics: Crises, disaster preparedness, military personnel, working in disaster zones and terror. Crises, disasters and accidents can impact individuals, families, groups or at times entire communities. These sudden, traumatic and unpredictable events can dramatically change the lives of those involved, their families, support personnel and the surrounding society. While some people are directly impacted, others are affected indirectly through their line of work or as volunteers. Humanitarian personnel often work in situations characterised by chaos, insecurity and danger. This presents challenges related to stress management before, during and after deployment.

Our intention is that this resource can serve as a practical and useful tool, providing concrete knowledge both for those directly affected by trauma and for support personnel. It is meant to be a toolbox for everyone involved in follow-up after crises and catastrophes in for example municipalities, businesses, organisations and international operations. This resource is built on evidence-based knowledge with a health-promoting perspective and a focus on preventative interventions. The mobile app SMART – a Self-Management And Resilience Training toolbox, is an important part of the resource.

The site is divided into five, partially overlapping, topics. “Working in disaster zones”, for instance, covers preparations for and central challenges during international deployment. This knowledge could be just as relevant for military personnel or community crisis response teams. Our hope is that this resource becomes a flexible and dynamic tool that allows users to efficiently obtain knowledge that is relevant and helpful to them.

RVTS would like to sincerely thank all contributors for sharing their experiences and knowledge in the development of this resource.