The preparedness plans of the municipality and emergency services need to be coordinated. Within the municipality, health preparedness and other emergency preparedness plans must also be coordinated, including the role of the crisis response team. Police districts and ambulance services usually cover large geographical areas, making coordination challenging. It would be advantageous for municipalities within the same region to coordinate their plans. This simplifies co-operation between emergency services and municipalities, making it easier for adjacent municipalities to support each other when major incidents occur.

Traditionally, crisis management is simultaneously rehearsed on site and at the municipality’s command centre. However, it is just as important to establish training arenas for the crisis response teams, enabling psychosocial care in disasters to be rehearsed in a realistic way.

A well functioning principle used in disaster reception centres (DRC) is to establish a command post where leaders are gathered. Leaders from police, local authorities and appropriate support services should be represented here.