The most important sources of emotional support for military personnel are family, friends and colleagues. Informal psychosocial support counteracts stress and burnout, providing protection after traumatic incidents. This means that personnel with partners, family and close friends start the mission with a strong and natural protection. However, the family situation for those staying behind may be impacted. There is little knowledge about the vulnerability of families of soldiers serving abroad.

  • Let the family participate in the preparations before deployment
  • Provide children with simple and correct information to avoid them overestimating the risks and dangers of the mission
  • Make a plan for how to communicate while apart
  • Solve conflicts before departure
  • Have the “what if” conversation with your loved ones
  • Make a plan for how your family can receive support while you’re away
  • Gather information about the military’s support services for families
  • Take out insurance and write a will
  • Stay home for a while before the next deployment