It is recommended that the municipalities have a plan for psychosocial follow-up in the event of crises and disasters. This should involve the role of the crisis response team both in single events and in larger accidents or disasters. The municipality can use this plan to inform stakeholders about how crises and disasters should be best managed.

Both emergency responders and those impacted by a crisis may expect the prompt arrival of the crisis response team. While this is sometimes necessary, initial psychosocial support from emergency responders and the social network of those impacted can be sufficient in the first hours/day.

Coordinated plans and a common understanding of when the crisis response team should be activated simplifies co-operation and creates predictability. Crisis response teams that do not operate an on-call register may have difficulty in assembling the team quickly outside of normal working hours. In these cases, emergency responders have a greater responsibility to provide initial psychosocial support after a crisis.