The SMART app contains tips, advice and exercises developed to build resilience against stress – before, during or after challenging events.

SMART – a Self-Management And Resilience Training toolbox.

SMART was originally developed by the Phoenix National Centre for Excellence in Posttraumatic Mental Health as a toolbox for both serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members and their families.

SMART is a self-help tool comprised of a range of different exercises that teaches you how to recognise the impact of stress and how to use effective skills and techniques to cope with stress reactions such as rumination, irritability and sleep problems. SMART can be used to manage life challenges from 15 years of age.

SMART was developed as an app to provide flexibility and accessibility. It can be used anywhere and it is easily accessed in stressful situations. This flexibility allows the methods from the app to be applied to real life challenges as they arise, making them easier to learn.

SMART can be used to prevent mental health problems and manage stress by teaching you strategies for coping with life challenges. The app can be used independently as a self-help tool or as part of a more comprehensive support system. It can also be used in preparation for or during service in war or disaster zones.